Cottage Country Cats Animal Rescue


The Municipality of Highlands East has provided shelter of a 48 foot Shelter/Container with the assistance and inspiration of Bud Friesman who has passed December 2010.

Bud and his wife Donna had initiated this idea to the Municipality of Highlands East a few years ago to the point of where at present the concept is thriving well.

The Municipality of Highlands East also provides the costs for spayed and neutering, vaccinations, and eartipping.

Volunteers, Maryanne Leach, Barb Scholfield, Martin Miller, Don Kerr, Kathryn Kidd, and Sue Reimer will assist in driving to and from the vets all feral cats (community cats) in the colony, including newcomers as soon as they appear. Neutering and vaccinating are the best things that can be done for stray and feral cats (community cats). They will be healthier and live longer if they are neutered. The females will not be continuously pregnant and nursing and, male cats will not fight for mates or roam in search of females with whom to mate. The number one priority when discovering an individual cat or a colony is to safely and humanely trap them and see that they are vetted.

Volunteers are critically needed for a least one day a week. The tasks involve feeding and cleaning their sanctuary and sometimes a little grooming.

Volunteers also for fundraising to help in providing food, medical supplies, and transportation when necessary.

Volunteers for the adoption process of finding permanent homes for the socialized. i.e. that were orphaned by unknown causes.

Volunteers to educate in helping cats and people to co-exist. As the colony caregiver, you become the cats’ public relations firm. These steps will help maintain their good image and their good neighbour status in our community.

I would like to thank the Gooderham website for helping out in creating space for our adoption corner and updates on the colony. If anyone is interested in volunteering no matter how brief your time may be, it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Maryanne at 705-447-3308.

We are a registered charity and accept donations and issue tax receipts!